Misc Soundtrack - Metal Core Thrash - James Bond tab

S= fast pick 4 times
B= Bend
H= Hammer on
P= Pull off
/= Slide
E-------------------------------|B-------------------------------|G-------------------------------|D-------------------------------|A--2--3--4--3--2--3--4--3-------|E---0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0 <---|let it ring
next part is more metal :P
E----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----------------------------|D----------------------------|A--0--S2--0-0-0--S3--2-2-2---|E--0--S2--0-0-0--S3--2-2-2---| X2
And there you have it folks! A decent metalcore/thrash cover of 2 james bond themes its but its just meant to be :P. You may want to add slides and such into certain places to :P (just like cookery) because it is such an allowing tab although you have to be a lead for it anyway to cut it short its my first tab if there is any problems e-mail me : chikens_are_tasty@hotmail.co.uk
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