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Theme Song - Weather Network

Here are the tabs of the main notes of the Weather Network Theme Song.
I'll let you deal with the rhythm. If you don't have the song, you can always listen to this : 


D G Bm AE |--2----3----2----0---|B |--3----3----3----2---|G |--2----0----4----2---|D |--0----0----4----2---|A |--x----2----2----0---|E |--x----3----2----0---|
The order of the song goes is like this : D - G - Bm - A (x2) And then : G - A - D - Bm - G - A - D - D After that there's some picking. All you gotta do is this
D G Bm AE |--2-----------3-----------2-----------0----------|B |--3--------3--3--------3--3--------3--2--------2-|G |--2-----2-----0-----0-----4-----4-----2-----2----|D |--0--0--------0--0--------4--4--------2--2-------|A |--x-----------2-----------2-----------0----------|E |--x-----------3-----------2-----------0----------|
The order of the song is the same. I don,t know the end so I'll let you figure it out yourself.
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