Misc Television - King Of Queens - Outro tab

This is the acoustic guitar riff that is played during the credit sequence on more 
recent episodes of King of Queens. There's a secondary guitar part that plays in 
the background but I don't know it. This tab uses modified power chords. This is my first tab.

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

| | | | Or you can play:
/-----/ /-----/
/-777-/ /-777-/ /-555-/ /-----/
This is the simple version that doesn't use chords.
____Go back to here ________ This the 1st ending / /e|:--------------------|----------:|------------|B|:--------------------|----------:|------------|G|:--------------------|----------:|------------|D|:--------------------|----------:|------------|A|:--------------------|----------:|------------|E|:-0x0x0---5-4-2x2x2--|-5x5x5-4~-:|--5x5x5-7~--| \_________This is the second ending
Enjoy and happy playing.
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