Misc Television – Boy Meets World - Shallow Boy chords

A5 B5 G5I wanna give into my heart
A5 B5 G5I wanna give up who I am
A5 B5 G5Cause you trampled on my soul
A5 B5 G5Cause you don't understand
[NC] Em GYou're - shal--low
Em GYou're - shal--low [x2]
Look at that shallow boy
G5 A5 B5 Em G This is from the episode "Shallow Boy," where Eric meets a young lady who plays the guitar. After making her mad she writes this lovely song about him. I hope to eventually tab the other two songs she sings "Oh, You" and "Thank you Uncle David," but, those are for another time and another place. Enjoy! ~ BigBubbaBacon
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