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Reg. Tuning

Main Riff: Reg. TuningE|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------|D|-----------------------5---------|A|------7-7----5--7-------7--------|E|---------------------------------|
Play once then play again  and add:E|---------------------------------|B|-----5-----7b9--7---5------------|G|-----5---- 7b9--7---5------------|D|---------------------------------|A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|Don't forget to play with the cuts
Later add this before u start Playin da main riff againE|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----------------------------------|D|----5-------7---------------------|A|----5-------7---------------------|E|----3-------5---------------------|Then main riff then go into Yeah part with this^^^
The yeah partE|---------------------------------|B|-----------------3---------------|G|---5----------- 2-----2----------|D|---5-----5-----0-----2-----------|A|---3-----5------------0----------|E|----------3----------------------|
u can play it in a half step down wich sounds good too they r some parts I didn't put in but it's pretty much the whole thing frenzfave was bein a dick by not lettin me put up on his channel I think this is pretty close sorry if it's not I'm not perfect oh yea and the yea part other parts are played in chords it screwed up there sorry fuckin love this song needs to published or I'm gonna steal it -tripp3469
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