Misc Television - Gerber Commercial United Babies tab

Tabbed by Alan Wang

I was practicing a lick while watching tv and all of a sudden BAAAAAAM, I thought of a 
this is actually really simple since it's just on 2 frets.
(Here's a link the the commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGV2MncRAn8)

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Riff 1|--------------7-----||------7-9-7-----9---||9---9-------9-------||--------------------||--------------------||--------------------|
P1 P2 P3|7----7------|7--7--7--|-----||--9---9-7---|-9--9--9-|-7---||---------9--|---------|---9-||------------|---------|-----||------------|---------|-----||------------|---------|-----|
Composition ----------- Riff 1 x2 P1 x1 Riff 1 x3 P2 x3 P3 x1
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