Misc Television - Parenthood - Graveyard Song chords

I've seen a lot of request for this song, but found nothing.
I'm not sure if Mae Whitman (Amber, from the show Parenthood)
is the original artist or writer, but I have nothing that notes otherwise.

C FSmoke make me lose my memories
F CDrink may my body fail
C FHanging around 'til two or three
F G G F# F Treating me..... Well
F CI been thinkin' 'bout getting clean
G F CRising up at a descent hour
F CWould you wake me when you leave
G F COoo Ooo Ooo
C FIt's been so much better than I can say
F CIt will be sad when you go
C F Since there is not an easy way
F G G F# FI'll just say.... Hello
F CThere's no such thing as the end
G F CThere are only new beginnings
F CI'll be seeing you again
G F CMmmm mmmm mmmm
G F CMmmm mmmm mmmm
Enjoy !
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