Misc Television - Family Guy - Cal Johnson chords

This is the Cal Johnson song from Family Guy where Patrick Warburton is riding a 
horse while looking very cowboy-ish.

D GThere was a man who shot the man who was the man who shot the man,
D G DCal Johnson, Cal Johnson.
D GHe wore a hat, his favorite hat, he loved that hat, he hated hats,
D G DCal Johnson, Cal Johnson.
Bm DHe was a dad to zero kids and yet he fathered five.
G DHe got shot dead a year ago and yet he's still alive.
Bm DHe's rich beyond his wildest dreams, yet never had a dime.
G A A law man to the very end, he led a life of crime
G DIn all his years of life on earth he never fired a gun,
G DYet when it came to Chinese men he shot down everyone.
G DHe had a horse named Bandit and the horse's name was Clyde.
G DCal Johnson was born the day he died.
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