Misc Television – The Office - Free Love Freeway tab

ok this is a great song and is in the british comedy show,
"the office" ok here goes.....
 ok the chords are as follows

C, F , Am and G


C       F           Am           G              
Pretty girl on the hood of a caddilac, yeah      
C       F           Am     G
Shes broken down on freeway 9
C       F           Am         G
Take a look at her engine and start it and...
C        F            Am        G
Gave a purr and then i rolled on by, bye bye.

C       F         Am           G
Free love on the free love freeway,
C       F         Am           G
Love is free and the freeways long,
C       F         Am           G
ive got some hot love on the hot love highway,
C       F         Am           G
i aint going home cos my babys gone..

ok thats all i got, the verse should be mildly palm muted and all down strokes,
the chorus is strummed. the C chord should be played with the low E string being
freeted on the 3rd fret, and the F should be an open chord, leaving the high E
open, this basically makes it easier to move down from the C chord to the F. ok,
happy strumming!

"shes dead" "shes not dead"
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