Misc Television – Vegetas Theme - Hells Bells tab

This was tabbed by my good buddy Gabriel Lars Thoresen. So all credit goes to him. Hes
good at playing guitar and helping out with tabs if you need them. All rhythm parts by
the way. Go easy on me for this is my first tab. Hope its accurate. Vegeta is my 
favorite all time character so I thought I would post the tabs my buddy helped out with. He said
you can also play this in drop c, either works fine. Let me know if anything needs 
fixed. Enjoy. Vegeta: Renegade for life! :D

Play 9 times

e -----------------------------------------------------------------|B -----------------------------------------------------------------|G -----------------------------------------------------------------|D -----------------------------------------------------------------|A --7----6---7----7----6--7----7---6--7----------------------------|D --7----6---7----7----6--7----7---6--7----------------------------|
End with:e -----------------------------------------------------------------|B -----------------------------------------------------------------|G -----------------------------------------------------------------|D -----------------------------------------------------------------|A --7---6--7----7---6--7-------------------------------------------|D --7---6--7----7---6--7-------------------------------------------|
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