Misc Television – Father Ted - My Lovely Horse chords

So these are the chords that I based off the music video from the episode 'A Song For Europe'.

G C G Am (My lovely, lovely, lovely horse) My lovely horse (My lovely horse)
FRunning through the field
C G Am FWhere are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?
C GI want to shower you with sugar lumps
Am FAnd ride you over fences
C GPolish your hooves every single day
Am D GAnd bring you to the horse dentist
C G Am(My lovely, lovely, lovely horse) My lovely horse (My lovey horse)
FYou're a pony no more
C GRunning around with a man in your back
Am F CLike a train in the night, yeah, like a train in the night...
Yes, I did finally get rid of that sax solo.
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