Misc Television - Star Trek The Next Generation Theme tab version 2


Star Trek The Next Generation - Main Theme

6/8 Bb

L  - tied note

QD - Quarter Note dotted
E  - Eighth Note
HD - Half Note dotted
ER - Eight Rest
QR - Quarter Rest

QD E E E QD E E E HD ER E E E E EE |----------------------|-----------------3----|--1----|----------------------|B |-----------------3----|--1L-------1----------|-------|--------4--6--8-------|G |--------------3-------|--------------1-------|-------|-----1-----------8----|D |--3L-------3----------|----------------------|-------|----------------------|A |----------------------|----------------------|-------|----------------------|E |----------------------|----------------------|-------|----------------------|
QD QD QD E E E HD QD QR----------|----------------------|-------|----------||--6--4----|--3--------3-----3----|--1L---|--1-------||----------|--------------3-------|-------|----------||----------|----------------------|-------|----------||----------|----------------------|-------|----------||----------|----------------------|-------|----------||
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