Misc Television – Drew Carey Show Theme tab

Cleveland Rocks (AKA Drew Carey Show Theme)
Artist/Author: Presidents of the U.S.A./Ian Hanter
Tabbed By: Louis Micheal Hawkins MVISD

This is the whole tab for Cleveland Rocks. You might have heard
it when they did that dance. The usual opening consists of the
FIRST VERSE followed by the SECOND CHORUS. Chords for Guitar 1,
Tab for guitar 2.

First verse

Ab F7 C|0---------0-------0-----0-------------------------------------||1--3--1---1--3-1--1-3-1-1-3-1---------------------------1-----||------2--------2------0-----0--2----2---2-2-2-2------------2--||--------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------| All this enargy callin' me
A5|-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------1---------------1-||2---0-----2--0---------2----0-2----0---2---2----0------||-----------------2-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------| back where it comes from. Such a crude attitude, back where it
|-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||0-2----------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------| belongs...
Chorus 1 F All the little kids growin' up on the skids go C Cleveland Rocks!,Cleveland Rocks! F Jumpin' jean jean is movin James Dean goin' C Cleveland Rocks!, Cleveland rocks Verse 2: Momma knows but she don't care she got worries too. Seven kids and a phony affair and the rent is do---- Chorus 2: All the chicks with the crim-son lips go Cleveland Rocks!,Cleveland Rocks! Livin in sin with a safty pin goin' Cleveland Rocks!, Cleveland Rocks! (repeat 7x) Ab I've got some records from world war 2 F I'm play like my grandady do G he was a rocker and I am too so G G Cleveland Rock,yes Cleveland Rocks! Spoken: Cleveland Rocks,Cleveland Rocks Cleveland Rocks ,Cleveland rocks Then:
|-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------4-----------------5-------||--------------3---------------3----------------3-------------||-3-------5---------------------------------------------------| Cleveland Rocks Cleveland Rocks Cleveland Rocks
C D/C F/C C5 (Hit 4x) Cleveland Rocks,Cleveland Rocks,Cleveland Rocks (OHIO!)
Ab F7 C A5 F D/C F/C C5--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ -3- --- --- --- -7- --- -5---- -3- -5- -7- --- -7- -3- -5--6- -3- -3- -7- -3- -5- -3- -3--4- -1- --- -5- -1- --- -1- ---
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