Misc Television – Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme tab

Artist: Luciano Michelini
Song: Frolic
AkA: Curb Your Enthuasiasm Theme

Keep in mind I had NO way of knowing how this song was played so I tabbed it as best I
could but I know I could have put more time into it. This is a general idea of how it's
played, but it's not perfect, so keep that in mind and please don't flame.

(Tuba) (Repeat this when necessary) E--------| B--------| G--------| D--------| A--------| E-0-2-4--|
E--------------------------------| B-----------------------------8--| G--------------------------------| D--5--43-45-43-33-4--5-43-45-----| A--------------------------------| E--------------------------------|
(Tuba) E-------------------------------- E--------| B-------------------------------- B--------| G-------------------------------- G--------| D--2--10-12-10-00-1--2-10-12----- D--------| A-------------------------------- A--------| E-------------------------------- E-2-4-7--|
E--------------------------------| B--------------------------------| G--------------------------------| D--3--21-23-21-11-2--3--21-23----| A--------------------------------| E--------------------------------|
(Violin???) E----------------| B--8-6-5-4--5----| G-----------4----| D----------------| A----------------| E----------------|
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