Misc Television - Degrassi - Im In Love tab

This is a tab for the song Craig sings to Ashley on the Degrassi Episode, "Should I Stay 
Should I go."  I'm pretty sure this is partly correct the, although the second half is 
blurry.  But it works.
Oh by the way this is my first tab. haha

B#m (X24430) I think that's the chords name
Am  (X02210)
F-Major (XX3211)
F  (133211)
G (355433)

G-Major (32003)
G5(230033) I just gave that chord the name G5

B#m                                       Am
Somethin' 'bout the way you shine
When the lights go out
                              F slide G
I wanna make you mine
B#m                                   Am
Somethin' 'bout the way it seems
                      F-M            F slide G
You're always here in my dreams
G                                 B#m
When there's no one there
No, I'm not scared
                 G5         G-M      G5
But I'm in love
With you
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