Misc Television - California Dreams Theme tab

			     California Dreams - TV Intro
Tabbed by: Joel Jimenez
Email: ch3zyp00fs@yahoo.com
Created: January 19th, 2007

Tuning: Standard

This is how I play the theme song from the Saturday morning show California Dreams.  

Riff 1 D G A De|-------3-2-0----3--0--2----|B|-----3-------3--0--2--3----|G|---2------------0--2--2----|D|-0--------------0--2--0----|A|----------------2--0-------|E|----------------3----------|
Intro: Riff 1 x1 D D G Surf dudes with attitudes D kinda groovy G Laid back moods D G Sky above, sand below D good vibrations G feelin' mellow Em G Don't give it up. Em G Don't wanna stop. D (Exaggerated strumming, to mimic drum beat) Chorus: D G Don't wake me up. D G Don't wake me up if I'm dreamin'. D G California dreams. Em G Just let me lay here in the sun. Em G Until my dream is done Riff 1 x1
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