Misc Traditional – Elephant Walk tab

I wanted to figure out how to play this Tuba/Sousaphone bassline but couldn't
find any tabs or anything on it. So this is a transcription to guitar, which
could also be played on a bass. I just think it sounds funny and figured
maybe someone else might like to have this. It's a fun song to play while
following someone who can take a joke.
If anyone notices something wrong with this tab, please inform me as to what
rather than just denying this submission. I know I would have liked to have
had this tab rather than have to try and transcribe it.

			     Elephant Walk - Misc Traditional
Tabbed by: SomeRandomLeech
Email: unkn0wnfr34k-ultimateguitar@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard

e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|----------------------------|D|----------------------------|A|-|Somewhat fast|------------|E|---15-13-16-18---11~H-15-13-|
And repeat To do a distorted, elephant falling type end, just do a sort of random sliding up and motion on the higher strings. Play around to find something you think sounds funny. --- Keep in mind that you can always move some higher notes to higher strings by lowering the fret number by 5 per string. In other words, fret 15 on the low E string is equivalent to fret 10 on the A string. Moving the notes around can help reduce the space you have to travel up and down the neck. Find an easy note pattern that works for you. __Legend__ ~H hold note
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