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From: kharding@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Karol Harding)

Croatian folk song: easy to play, sounds
very russian!
Tab by Karol Henderson Harding 1994
*accent notes as indicated
   *     *     *        *               *
* * * * * * *E|-0--0----5--0-|--0-----------|-------|-0-----------|B|-1-------5----|--1--1---0----|--1----|-1--3--------|G|--------------|------------2-|-----4-|--------2--2-|D|--------------|--------------|-------|-----------2-|A|-0-------0----|--0-----------|--0----|-0---------0-|E|--------------|---------0----|-------|-------------|
_________________________________________________ |1.E|--------------|-8-----8-----8------7----7---|B|-----2-4-5--7-|--10----10----10-----9----9--|G|---2----------|-----9-----9-----9-----9---9-|D|-0------------|-----------------------------|A|--------------|-0h--------------------------|E|--------------|--------------------0h-------|
______________________________________________ |1. cont |E|--8-----8---- 8------7----7-----5---5-------|B|---10----10----10-----9----9------5---------|G|-----9-----9-----9-----9----9---------------|D|--------------------------------------------|A|--0h----------------------------0h----------|E|---------------------0h---------------------|
_______________________________ |final |E|--------------|-------0------|B|--------------|-------1------|G|------2--4--5--7--4---2------|D|----2---------|-------2------|A|--0-----------|-------0------|E|--------------|-------0------| s
Chords used: Am: x0x9-10-8, x02210, x07555 Dm? - 0xx997 E9 var?- 0x5453 HAD I WINGS/DAB BI IMAL PERJE Am Am Had I wings my darling, A7 Dm I would go a-flying. Am Dm *Ease my sorrows with your kisses E E7 Am In your arms a-lying. (*repeat) I would fly, my mother, Straightway at your bidding. *I would still my torments with you, Childhood days reliving.* Would I had some dear one, One to stand beside me** *Friendless in a far-off country Youth I've wasted roving.* Come you little swallow, Take my lonely message, Fly across the mountains with it To my native village. If there's none to read it, None to share my sorrow, Loneliness shall be my portion, Emptiness my morrow. -------------------------------- Dl bi imal perje Kak le-te-tu f-tica Sake vecher bi do-le-tel K-tebi grilichizha Da bi imal majku, Koja me rodila Sake vecher b-kynjoj ishel Kaj be se spominal Da bi imal dragu, Ka bi me luj-bila, Nej se moja lepa mla-dost V stranj-skem zhalo-stila Leti me ti f-tichek Chrez visoke gore, Odnesi mi zelen listek V malo Medimorje. Ali da ga ipak Nemash komu dati Nemam tu-zhen svoje tuje Komu povedati.
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