Misc Traditional – Loch Lomond tab

Song: Loch Lomond
Artist: Misc
Album: N/A
Key: D (C#,F#)

This can be easily transposed with a capo.
I have writen the simple melody down for 
you to make your own arr. with.
It's mostly major scale stuff.

MelodyVERSE: D Bm G A D Bm G DE|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------2-4-2-|D|---------2-4--2---2-2-0---------------4-------|A|-0h2-5-5--------5-------2---0h2-5-5-5---------|E|----------------------------------------------|
G Bm Em G A D Bm Em A DE|---------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------|G|-2-4-4-2-----2-------------------------------------|D|---------4-4---5p4-2p0-------------4h7-9-7---------|A|-----------------------2---0h2-5-5---------9-7---5-|E|---------------------------------------------------|
CHORUS: D Bm G A D Bm G D GE|------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------|D|---------4-4------------------------4-7-9-7---7-9-9-7-|A|-0-5-5-7-----7-5-5----------5-5-5-5-------------------|E|-------------------7-5--5h7---------------------------|
Bm Em G A D Bm Em A DE|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------|D|-----7-5-4----------------4h7-9--7-4-2----0-|A|-9-9-------7-5-2--0h2-5-5-------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
Chords VERSE: D Bm By__ yon bonnie banks G A and by yon bonnie braes D Bm where the sun shines bright G D on Loch Lo-mond G Bm Where me and my tlue love Em G were ever wont to go A D Bm on the bonnie bonnie banks Em A D of Loch Lo_____mond CHORUS D Bm O, you'll take the high road G A and I'll take the low D Bm and__ I'll be in Scootland G D before ye G Bm Em but me and my tlue love will never G A meet again on the D Bm bonnie bonnie banks Em A D of Loch Lo_____mond Please E-mail me with any questions, praise or faults.
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