Misc Traditional – Star Spangled Banner chords

Hey every one!!! 
just got this version of the national anthem (arr. by my misc teacher), and 
decided to try to find the chords. 
The starting note is F, and you can just go from there. 
I figured this out on the piano, so there's no capo.
Try picking a little during the long Bb parts, or if you can find other chords to stick in,
that's cool too (shoot me a comment if you do, I'd love to find them!).
Hope you like it!!

BbOh say can you see
Fby the dawn's early light,
Bb Fwhat so proudly we hailed
Bbat the twilight's last gleaming?
Who's broad stripes and bright stars,
Fthrough the perilous fight,
Bb Fo'er the ramparts we watched
Bbwere so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket's red glare,
F Ebthe bombs bursting in air,
Bb Fgave proof through the night
Bb Fthat our flag was still there.
Bb EbOh say does that star spangled
F Eb Fbanner yet wave,
Bbo'er the land of the free
Eb F Bband the home of the brave?
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