Misc Traditional – God Bless America chords

this is as close as i could get... play it with capo 1 or standard.... depending 
on your voice:) enjoyyyy

C Em G G7 C C/B Am7 God bless America, land that I love;
Am7/G F Fdim C C/B Am7Stand beside her, and guide her
Am7/G C G C F CThrough the night with a light from above.
Dm7 G G7 C C/B Am7From the mountains to the prairies,
Am7/G G G7 C CM7 C7 C7/GTo the oceans white with foam,
F Fdim Dm7 C C/B Am7 Dm7 C Dm7 C CM7 C7 C7/GGod bless A - mer - i - ca, my home sweet home,
F Fdim Dm7 C C/B Am7 Dm7 C G7 C God bless A - mer - I - ca, my home sweet home
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