Misc Traditional - Uist Tramping Song chords

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Tabbed by Jack Dingler

Uist Tramping Song

C Come along, Come along, let us foot it out together,
Am C F G Come along, Come along, be it fair or stormy weather.
F C Am F With the hills of home before us and the purple of the heather,
C Am F C Let us sing in happy chorus come along! come along!
CSo gaily sings the lark and the sky is awake,
Am C F GWith the promise of a new day for the road we gladly take.
F C Am FSo its heel and toe and forward singing fairwell to the town,
C Am F CAnd the welcome that awaits us e're the sun goes down.
Its the call of sea and shore; its the tang of bog and peat, And the scent of briar and Myrtle that puts magic in our feet. So its on we go rejoicing, over bracken over stile, and its soon we will be tramping out the last long mile.
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