Misc Traditional – Ushti Ushti Baba chords

The chords are repeated throughout the song.

Gm DUshti, ushti, baba
Cm Do davulja maren
Gm Do davulja maren, baba
Cm Dme phenjake aven
D# D D# D D# D D# F D# DA- ven, a- ven, me phenjake a- ven
Me phenjake aven E najsukarjakje e najsukarjakje, baba E najtiknorjakje Ushti, baba, ushti o cheizi ikal o cheizi ikal, baba E najtiknorjakje Ushti, ushti, baba o davulja maren o davulja maren, baba me phenjake aven ________ alternatively, repetitions of 'aven aven me phenjake aven' can be simplified to
D# D D# D Cm DA- ven, a- ven, me phenjake aven
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