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Israeli Anthem - Hatikva (The Hope).

Repeat each part twice before moving to the next one.

Rythm legend:
E = Eighth
Q = Quarter
H = Half

Part A

E E E E Q Q E E E E H Q E E Q Q E E E E Q QE|--------------|-----------|-----------|-------------|B|--------------|-----------|-----------|-------------|G|--------------|-------7---|-----------|-------------|D|--------5-7-7-|-8-7-8---7-|-5-5-5-----|-------------|A|--5-7-8-------|-----------|-------8-8-|-7-5-7-8-5---|E|--------------|-----------|-----------|-----------5-|
Part B
Q Q Q Q E E E E HE|----------|-----------|B|----------|-----------|G|----7-7-7-|-5-7-5-----|D|----------|-------8-7-|A|--5-------|-----------|E|----------|-----------|
Part C
Q E E Q Q E E E E Q E E Q Q Q Q E E E E Q QE|------------|---------------|---------|--------------|B|------------|---------------|---------|--------------|G|--5-5-5-----|-------5-------|---------|--------------|D|------------|-5-7-8---7-5---|-5-5-----|--------------|A|--------8-8-|-------------8-|-----8-8-|-7-5-7-8-5----|E|------------|---------------|---------|-----------5--|
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