Masafumi Takada - No More Heroes Main Theme tab with lyrics by Misc Unsigned Bands - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Misc Unsigned Bands – Masafumi Takada - No More Heroes Main Theme tab

This is my first tab ever so take it easy on me...

Recently, Suda51 released a few samples from the No More Heroes soundtrack for download. 
the song is a sample, I don't know if this is the full song or not.

This song only uses the thinest string. Make sure you tune it to g#.

Obviously, a guitar play a note as sharp as a piano (at least mine can't) but anyway:

g#|-11-0-11-0-10-11-12-11-9--15-12-11-9---------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
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