Misc Unsigned Bands - Roger Brooks - The Apartment Song tab

G      C     EM

Verse 1

G                    C                        D
They said don't ever think that your heart is up for sale,
Because you'll end up,
G                      D
Paying them to take it away,
     Am                  C
They said take a look at those around you,
Now distraught and pale,
            C                  G                D
And you'll see there's nothing more we need to say,

Am                    C             G
But I guess I fell in love with her apartment,
E                        E7             Am
There was no way I could stop myself at all,
D                            G                C
All day long I wanted to lie right inside of her,
G                D          G         D        Em
Apartment on the rue excellement,

Verse 2
I got there on the hour and the beauty was so cruel,
There were candles glowing by the side of her bed,
And she lay there so frail and  precious,
Just like a stolen jewel,
And I began to see how feet can turn to lead, 


Verse 3
Now I travel 'round and I always seem so far from home,
And the only routines just movin' along,
But gladly would I change the ways compelling me to rome,
If I had a place like that to call my home,

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