Misc Unsigned Bands - My Drug Hell - Girl At The Bus Stop tab

		     GIRL AT THE BUS STOP - My Drug Hell
Tabbed by: Chapman Li (aka SonicYouthRules)
Email: chapman_li@hotmail.com

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What an absolutely stunning song this is, so simple and yet such a memorable
melody and annoyingly addictive!

Tuning: Standard

B - E - F# - E


B          E         F#      E
Girl at the bus stop, talking French

To a girlfriend, on the bench

I had my head, in a book

I lost my place, when I took a look

B        E          F#        E                
Girl at the bus stop, I wished for once

That the bus, would never come

She sat downstairs, I sat behind

I couldn't get her, off my mind

B         E         F#         E
Girl at the bus stop, I could not believe

When she got off, same stop as me

I'd not forgive, myself if I

Let this chance, just pass by

B      E       F#       E
By, by, thought I would die

my, my, but-ter-fly


trill 1/4bend trill 1/4b tre|--11-12--14-------11-12--14----------------------------------------------|B|----^---------------^-----------11-12------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------^---13-11~---9-9-9-8---8---------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------11--9-------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
VERSE 2 B E F# E Girl at the bus stop, I asked if she Would maybe like to, come out with me I noticed it had, began to snow Her smile was sweet, when she said no No, no, oh-no No, no, oh-no B E F# E Girl at the bus stop, I thought of you I wondered if you, wondered too And perhaps you'll give it a miss I think that it'd, be so last minute (?) | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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