Misc Unsigned Bands – Without Limit - Such A Risk tab

Hey this is Without Limit's first song "Such a Risk".

Guitar 1 - Introe|-------------------15---15-15-12-13---13-13-12-----------------------|B|--13---13-13-15-13-----------------------------15-12--12-12-13-15-12-|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 - Intro Am C G E (x2) Verse 1 Am C Babe I really want you, but I dunno what to do, G E Should I smile sweetly or get a cute tattoo? Am C Cause every time I see you I just wanna stop and stare, G E Hold you close and run my fingers through your hair Chorus F C I wanna reach out and touch you Em Am I wanna take you by the hand F C I wanna go a little further, Em Am Do you understand? F G But I don’t want to hurt you, Em Am You don’t deserve the pain, F G And I’m not willing to take, Such a risk again. Inro Verse 2 Am C I can see it in your eyes, that you want me too, G E But neither of us will admit its true, Am C I can see you long for me, but what can I say? G E Cause every time I look at you, you just turn away Chorus Intro Verse 3 (Guitar 1 plays intro part) Am C I want every inch of you, cause you’re too good to waste, G E And I know that you can never, ever be replaced, Am C So come here and listen to my voice, G E Cause now is the time to make your choice Chorus Outro (same as intro)
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