Misc Unsigned Bands - Flux Capacitor - Lickin The Taint tab

Song Title: Lickin' the Taint
written by: RP Schafer
performed by: Flux Capacitor

Things undone and things unsaid 

 E                            B                       E
All spin through his aching head...... until he was dead

Empty dreams are left behind 
 E                             B                      E
The burning light no longer shines..... he left them behind


      A       B     E
What a hard way to go

      A            B                  E
What a terrifying walk down a lonley road
      A            B                E
But he takes his hand to ease the pain

and tears of joy fall down like rain

       A     B     E          C    D    E
what a hard way to go          

2nd verse:
Thing are done and things are said
 E                       B                             E
It's too late she's been mislead......she's tragically dead

Broken dreams no self esteem 

                                       B                     E
but a beautiful heart that's lost it's gleem.....she shall redeem


C   D   E (5x)


A  B  E 

3rd Verse:

 A                           B                   E
You constantly search your mind and you can't find it

Sometimes the peace hides deep down in your soal
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