Misc Unsigned Bands - Bracewar - Introfriends Like You tab

Intro/Friends Like You

Alright heres A rad Bracewar song tabed out BRACEWAR!!!!!!!



Theres just the chords for the intro but thats how it goes just figure out the strumming timeing. The rest of the song.
e|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------|A|-2-5-6-5--2-7-6-3-----------2~---|E|-0-3-4-7--0-5-4-5-----------0~---| Then End On.
These are the basic chords, Just figure out the timing and strumming by playing the and playing with it. Here's the lyrics: BRACEWAR!!!! You piece of shit Lying and manipulating, did you get what you want? Too bad your life is one big front Fucking me over while stabbing me in the back You took something i'll never get back So stay the fuck away from everything that i love because we never gave a fuck about you fuck you, you fucking asshole loyalty and dedication don't mean shit to you i hope you die alone!
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