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This is my own song that I made up, and I wanted to know if you guys think it's good for
beginner. The strum pattern is like the one for This is a Call by Thousand Foot Krutch.
you try to search Reached the Limit by Filipino=American,it it will not work. This is 
I have so far. I will make it an intro, since it is not finished.

Intro: C,G,Em,C

C           G
When I walk to the place,

        Em       C
I can't see your face.


C          Em
How will I know,

G        Am
Where to go?!


Jesus save me!

      C               G
Don't leave me in the dark!

I've reached the limit....

C                  G
Is that enough?!

Find me!

G            Em
Wherever you are!
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