Misc Unsigned Bands – Painted South - The Midnight Train tab

(Capo 4th fret)

Intro:(C, G, Em)

Verse 1:
C  G  Em
in 1817
C            G         Em
a train that rolled on steam
C   G        Em
heading for Denver
C      G         Em
in the middle of winter

Verse 2:
    C           G      Em
the brakes were frozen solid
C       G              Em
and the tempiture kept fallin'
C   G            Em
the tracks were broke
C          G             Em
and the conductor didn't know

C  G                  D
it rolled through the dusk 
C      G                  D
and it rolled through the dawn
       C         G                 D
theres something catchy about that train
       C  G    Em
theres no body on

Verse 3: 
C          G             Em
the driver slamed on the brakes 
 C       G             Em      
but the people didn't wake
C         G                 Em    
they kept sleeping in their bed
C          G        Em                     
until they woke up dead

Verse 4:
C         G            Em                                   
the train went off the track 
C        G                Em              
but the driver sharp as a tack
C      G        Em                               
jumped out the window 
C                G               Em         
what happened to him, well i dont know


Verse 5:
Bm                   B
now every night they say
Bm               B
you can hear the train
Cm                 B
its coming for its vengence 
Bm                Cm         
claiming one more victom


Outro:(C, G, Em, C, G, D)
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