Misc Unsigned Bands - The King Khan And Bbq Show - Bimbos Theme tab

Song: Bimbo's Theme
Artist: The King Khan and BBQ Show
Album: The King Khan and BBQ Show (2005)

Intro/Verse: (done in a and e form bar chords).

G        Dmin7
I Can't Deny, Baby
Bb              C          Csus
But Lord knows that I've tried

These chords are strummed slowly, highlighting each note, and at the end of the C, he 
it up with a little suspension.

F       Bb     G               C
Guilty Heart, Was A Beautiful Start
A             D     E (upper octive)
But Whose to blame? Should have known it right from the start

I don't know the end, although it doesn't sound very complicated. If anyone knows it, 
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