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Tippy Toeing:The Harden Trio.
(Bobby Harden)#2 on C/W charts &
#44 on Pop Charts in '66.

     G                      C
Well mama go a tippy, tippy toein' through the house,
      G                              D7
Gotta see what's the matter with the baby.
          G                             C
It's been bawlin' and a-sqwallin' and a-kickin' on the wall,
        D7                                   G
Well, I guess it dropped it's little bottle, maybe.

    G                             C
Oh, daddy come a-runnin' with the water and a rag,
      G                          D7
Gonna need another little diaper maybe.
   G                      C
No need a-hesitatin' or a-wonderin' and a-waitin',
  D7                              G
I know what's the matter with the baby.
   D7                              G
We know what's the matter with the baby.

   G                        C
Oh mama, rock a baby, daddy rock a baby too,
       G                            D7
It's a-yawnin' and a-gettin' sleepy maybe.
   G                           C
So mama, keep a-rockin', daddy rock a little too,
       D7                         G
And at last its a sleepin' little baby.(last line x3)

     G                            C
Well mama's tippy toein', daddy's tippy toein' too,
      G                           D7
Gonna try to do a little sleepin' maybe.
        G                       C
Whether it'll be a minute or an hour or two,
     D7                      G
Is dependin' entirely on the baby.
G                                       C
Well I hear the clock a-ringin', just a-dongin' and a-dingin',
      G                          D7
Daddy go and make a little money maybe.
     G                         C
Mama sleep a little longer but remember while I'm gone,
          D7                      G
Won't you please take care of the baby?
      D7                           G
After all he's just a little bitty baby.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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