Misc Unsigned Bands – Marshall Lore - A Land Called Wilco tab

Song was going to be called Uncle Route, but now that name has bad connotations, though 
might find it called that still.

G         | 320003 (sometimes 320030)
Cmaj/Dsus4| 032030 (for simplicity, just called C)
A         | 002220
Asus2     | 002230
D         | 000232 (when plucking hammer on the e string, fourth fret.
E         | 022100
Em        | 022000
Dm/A11    | 000220 (for simplicity, just called Dm)
Am        | 002210
Bm        | 022002 (when plucking, move 2 on the D string down to G string.)

Intro/Riff (Maybe Little faster than Verses): G C A D C E De|----------------------------------------2p0--2----4--6--8p6--4p0-|B|-----------------------------------2p0---------------------------|G|------------------------------4p0--------------------------------|D|-------------------------2p0-------------------------------------|A|--------------------2p0------------------------------------------|E|6--2--4--0-----4p0-----------------------------------------------|
Verse (lots of picking near transitions) G C D Jack, my old uncle, liked to burn flags. C The Goddamn feds, had him shot, E Dm In a land callled wilco. D Asus2 E Never, never live a slave to freedom and skies Chorus: A C I've got two bullets in my ass from the first world war Asus2 E G And a scar from my first cigarrette G C D C I would sooner Be like a vagabond Philosopher E D Em G Rather die free then shackled to the lii-ii-ine. Am D Asus2 Favorite Handbags will not be missed, E D Em G Rather die free than shackled to the lii-ii-ine. Verse 2 G C In my grief, the greater glacier burned down D C In my grief, The smaller city built up E Dm God bless those holyness hearts D Asus2 E Something to live for, rather than for death Chorus Bridge: Bm Am Em G I cry Now you die Fall, then, FLY! Bm Am Em C Blues to the sky Never Try Fall, then FLY! Bm Asus2 Fall, to live a Lifeline, then, Land in a land called Wilco.
Bridge Riff: (done once for each of the first two lines) For all: First Line Second Linee|-------------------------------------------|-2-2-------|-0-0h2-----------|B|0--1--0--1--0h2----------------------------|-3--3------|-2-----2h4-------|G|-----------------0h2-----------------------|-2---4-----|-0---------0h2---|D|----------------------0h2------------------|-2----4----|-3-------------3-|A|---------------------------1--0--0h4-------|-2------4--|-2-------------4-|E|--------------------------------------2--4-|-3------3--|-----------------|last line: just pluck out Bm (special-022002) and then slam on Asus2 (002230)
Intro Chorus Intro [End]
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