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Blame It On The Bossa Nova:
Eydie Gorme. #7 USA & # 32 in UK
in 1963.


C                                   G
I was at a dance, when he caught my eye,
                           G7      C
standin' all alone lookin' sad and shy.
             C7                    F
We began  to dance..swayin' to and fro,
    C               G             C
and soon I knew I'd never let him go.

C                     G                   C
Blame it on the Bossa Nova with its magic spell,
                      G                    C
blame it on the Bossa Nova..that he did so well.
Oh, it all began with just one little dance,
but soon it ended up a big romance,
                      G                  C
blame it on the Bossa Nova, the dance of love.


Now, was it the moon(no, no, the Bossa Nova),
or the stars above(no, no, the Bossa Nova).
Now, was it the tune?(yeah, yeah, the Bossa Nova)
C   F        C        
the dance of love.


                C                     G
Now I'm glad to say, I'm his bride to be,
                G7      C
and we're gonna raise a family.
                    C7             F
And when our kids ask..how it came about,
    C            G              C
I'm gonna say to them without a doubt.  

CHORUS (x2).

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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