Misc Unsigned Bands – Organic Soup - One Only tab

G                       Dadd5            C 
You just keep runnin' from me
G                       F               C
Wherever you go, i will follow you there
G                      Dadd5    C
You'll go and forget to write
G                      F                C
I'll remember you, even out of my site
        G                Dadd5        C
You tell me to leave you alone
      G                    F                     C 
But you are the one and the only i know


D                     G                     D                         G
Don't go out today, you"ll probably find a way
      C                      F                       A
To lead you to a place you call home
     D                          G           D                     G
I'd rather have you stay, together we'll obey
        C            F                        A
And find the truth we both know

You get the idea... but ill add the finger picking for the 2nd verse later
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