Misc Unsigned Bands - On Frail Wings - Underneath The Pain And Sorrow tab

 this is all the chords to a song i call underneath the pain and suffering
 its probably the easyiest song ever to play =) 

    Verese 1:
    Em                   C
    these words and tears, shed through the years,
    Am7                  Fm
    These thoughts of you, are shing through,
    Em  Em    Em Em   Em Em   Em Em    
    The cloud in wich is your mind,
    The past is just a dim reminder, 
    C             Am7 
    of the present, my troubled mind,
    Fm               C C C C C C C C
    seems to be blind, TO ALL OF YOUR PAIN NOW

    I lied to myself, i lied to you,
    I lied to the world when it wanted to belive
    This shell of man i am, is nothing
    Underneath the pain and suffering

this part of the song plays while the chorus is being sung |-------------|---------------|----------------------------||--#1---------|-#2------------|#3--------------------------||-------------|---------------|----------------------------||-------------|---------------|----------------------------||-33-33-33-33-|55-55-55-55-55-|22-22-22-22-22--------------||-11-11-11-11-|33-33-33-33-33-|00-00-00-00-00--------------|
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