Misc Unsigned Bands – The Imaginaries - Combover Coroners Surprise tab

{like pavement}

Capo on 5th 

Tuned 1/2 step down 


A Em G D C / A

Pretty much repeat the same chords throughout the song until the bridge. Fun tune.

          A                             Em 
there's a 1952 blue hot rod car sitting right out back of that store
           G                              D         C         A
and i been wondering when it's gonna stop being there anymore
       A                                                   Em
if the third time's the charm, then why aren't you charming me
you've got glasses for a reason, so why can't you see
                        D          C     A
it's been a while since i was near that tree     

if icarus flied into the sun then why am i cold and why can't i come
watching christmas episodes in april (depressing) 

mug for the camera
snapshot snapshot snapshot snap

the man in the silly combover don't care if you stay with him or you go over there
cause he's a good man, perhaps a great man
and if you saw him in the summer with his tan, you'd

mug for the camera
snapshot snapshot snapshot snap


D C D C Gm Em D


meth is often the real cause of death
to the coroner's surprise

why come clean when you can come plain
why get on the bus when you're staring at the train
you've made a lifetime of choices, to the coroner's surprise

you gotta live a lie to find the truth
you've gotta find a mystery act as the sleuth
you've been acting for a long time now, just let it go
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