Misc Unsigned Bands – October Fall - Walking Acoustic tab

Sorry this is self tabbed but it's not too bad i hope...october fall is an amazing band 
now they've split :( i looked for this tab everywhere and no one had done it, so i gave 
a shot =) Happy playing (sorry it's not the whole song)

intro/ verse:

guitar 1:

Am, Fmaj, Dm, Gmaj (just repeat these)

Guitar 2:x-------------------------------------x-|x-------------------------------------x-|x--------5--------7---------9---9-----x-|x---5/-7--7--7/-9--9--9/-10--10-------x-|x-------------------------------------x-|x-------------------------------------x-|
chorus: Fmaj, C, Am, Gmaj x 3 (i know my voice will..) Fmaj, Gmaj, Am Sorry thats all i know for now (---/--) means slide =) and if you're not sure about chords go to http://www.chordbook.com/guitarchords.php it's a virtual chord book and it's lush =)
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