Misc Unsigned Bands - Rooster Teeth - Tex Theme tab

Hey this is for everyone who everwanted to play the theme from red vs. blue out of mind 
featuring Tex.

standard tuning

e---------------------------------------|B--------------------------- \/ | ---|G--------------------------- /\ |_---|D-----------*2---2---2---2-- ---|A--------------------------- ---|E-----0-3-0-----0---0---0---------------|
then play
e---------------------------------|B---------------------------------|G---------------------------------|D---------------------------------| * = back to starA------5---5-----7---7------------|E---3-----3---5-----5---3-0-------|
play the first part three more times after star and then
the end here's a link to my video, just copy and paste and leave a comment with any questions, and i hope its up to par. link--- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WIE3L5WiJM ---
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