Misc Unsigned Bands – Receiving Bjs - Mental Institution tab

intro 3xC#----------------------|G#----------------------|E ----------------------|B 000---000---000--07---|F#000---000---000--07---|B 000---000---000--07---|
pattern 1 B E D# C# F#C#--------- -----------------------------------------|G#--------- -----------------------------------------|E --------- -----------------------------------------|B 00404075- 0-5-4--2---7-----------------------------|F#00404075- 0-5-4--2---7-----------------------------|B 00404075- 0-5-4--2---7-----------------------------|
N.C. pattern 1 i broke into a mental hospital N.C. pattern 1 with a bunch of drunken women C# and they dont know it yet E but they're fixin' to get really really wet B i'm gonna hit 'em right between the lines E that sweeet little line right between their thighs chorus F# B pattern 1 they're gonna get knocked up in a mental institution F# B E then they will realize they should've never turned to prostitution E C# i'm gonna fuck 'em hard right by those doors E B i'm gonna fuck 'em hard all those stupid whores repeat intro 2x verse 2 i checked myself into rehabilitation just to leave these fucked up women and i know they are not ladies they are gonna have my babies i'm gonna give'em that satisfaction the satisfaction from our sexual actions B E ohhh!! yeahhh!!! repeat chorus 2x outro
C#---------------|G#---------------|E ---------------|B 000-000-7\-----|F#000-000-7\-----|B 000-000-7\-----|
Enjoy!! stupid but fun
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