Misc Unsigned Bands – Ida Maria - Stella And God tab

This is a mad song by hotly-tipped-for-2008 Norwegian/Swedish singer-songwriter Ida
It has one of the best shouty choruses ever that is great (and easy) to sing whilst drunk.
have to hear it to appreciate the genius of it.

Anyway, I saw her doing it live on MTV and believe these are the chords. Think there
be some sort of improvistaion going on with little fingers at some point but this is

C   F   C   F

Verse 1:

C               F
God was there
               C             F
Always had the best of drugs, knew where to get them
         C             F
Bought a lady friend
And I believe her name was Stella

And he said stella, STELLLAAA
          C                               F
I want to give you the world if you would stay with me tonight
And he said stella, STELLLLA
          C                               F
I want to give you the world if you would only hold me tight.

C   F   C   F

Verse 2:
And I wonder how it will go
When God hands over the whole wide world to
A 42 year old hooker from downtown
Maybe it’s about time
The old man
Hands over the crown

Oh Stella, STELLLAAA, Iwant to give you the world... etc

C   F   C   F

Hold me tight

Hold me tight

Verse 3:
And it made me realise
How much you wanna give away just to feel loved
And the lord looked at me and asked
What is real love to you
What is fake and what is true oh…

(Chorus) x 3

Hold me tight

Hold me tight

Hold me tight oh...

(Chorus) x several, but with a slower, bouncier rhythm, to end.

Ultimate Guitar foolishly doesn't believe she exists and keeps asking me for an official
to prove it. Can't find an official one, but think she's signed to SonyBMG or someone.
her myspace is here: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?

She's got proper paid-for by record company videos and everything...
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