Misc Unsigned Bands – Helen Reddy - Leave Me Alone tab

Leave Me Alone:Helen Reddy.
#3 in 1973.

G7               F7     G7                F7
Big ole ruby red dress, wanders round the town,
G7                F7   G7                F7
Talkin to herself now, sometimes sittin' down.
G7                      F7   G7        F7
Don't you get too close now, Ruby runs away,
G7                F7     G7
Poor ole Ruby red dress, born on a sorry day,

I can hear her say...

C                         CM7
Leave me alone, won't you leave me alone,
       C6                  CM7
Please leave me alone now, leave me alone,
C                      CM7                 Dm7
Leave me alone, please leave me alone, yes leave me.

#2.(Chords are same for the other verses.)***

Big ole ruby red dress, everybody laughs,

Say she's got no future, and never made no past.

Something hurt that ruby, shomething she can't bear,

You look at her real close now, you see a little tear,

When she says now....


Some folks say some farm boy up from Tennessee,

Taught it all to Ruby, then just let her be.

Her daddy tried to hide it, tried to keep things cool.

But something happened to Ruby, she broke down to a fool,

who just said now...


A seventies hit from Kraziekhat.
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