Misc Unsigned Bands - Micheal Taylor - Fuck The Bitch tab

this song is origionally done by a girl on youtube but i put basic guitar into it and it 
it sound a lot better. there is no capo needed. you strum the chord once and tap the 
very easy!

Verse 1
         G5                G5
when you have that special woman

          D                 C
who makes your heart skip a beat

         G5          G5
and your so crazy in love

     D                C
your telling everybody

that shes your life

your heart your soul

     D        C
your baby girl

but you just dont know

what she's doing to you

D            C
in this world

Chorus (X2)

So im saying fuck the bitch

i don't need this shit

im gonna live life to the fullest

and i have no regrets

so fuck the bitch

i dont need this shit

im gonna smoke weed feel high

like its ligit

Verse 2

    G5                    G5
and down the road of your relationship

    D       C
you realize

     G5             G5
that everything she said to you

    D        C
was just her lies

    G5           G5
and now you live heartbroken

    D                 C
and things seem so strange

         G5              G5
that the girl of your dreams

     D                  C
just played that stupid game

Makes you wanna say...

Repeat chorus (x2)

Oh yeah!
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