Misc Unsigned Bands – Jon Zervos - Mood Ring tab

"Mood Ring"
Written by: Jon Zervos
In Dedication to one heck of a guy: Ben "Rags" Robinette

Verse 1

    G           D          Em 
It's blue, It's black, It's green...
   G          D              Em
Oh yes, he sais It matches anything...
    G                  D
He wears it when it's gray
       Em                  C
And thats how I know he's gay
    G              D            G     CG
Oh Robb what more do I need to say...

      G           D
Oh mood ring, mood ring
       Em               C       G
Ben wears it on his pinky-ring
        D                C
It's special, in his own way
       G          D
Oh mood ring, mood ring
   Em                          C        G
Small enough to fit on that tiny thing
    D                    Em       G D Em(3 times)      
Oh Ben, that's why your gay


      G          D          Em
So I ask him, "Rags, who gave you that ring?"
   G               D              Em
"Zervi, it was a present from my queen.".......
   G                         D
I say, "The man in the mini skirt?"
   Em               C
He even said it wouldnt work
 G           D               Em
Ben..... just admit.... that your a fag


   G                         D   
So Enough with the fun and games
  Em                     C
Now everyone knows your gay
     G           D                    G         C G
Hey Ben Robb, tell me what the color is today??
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