Misc Unsigned Bands – Subliminal Addiction - Break Down tab

This is a tab by my band.  I like it because it has kind of a funky vibe, but
still with a lot of rock-ness to it.  I'll try to post an mp3 of it soon so you
can hear how it's played. Thanks for checking out. 

Standard Tuning:

E/-5-------7-66-6-6/5-5/B/---5-6-7---77-7-7/6-6/ X4G/---------------------/D/---------------------/A/---------------------/E/---------------------/
E/-5-5/6/5-5-5-/B/-6-6/7/6-6-6-/ X3G/-------------/D/-------------/A/-------------/E/-------------/
E/-5-5/6-6/7-7/6-6-/B/-6-6/7-7/8-8/7-7-/ (Play once after the previous verse, play the set G/-----------------/ of those 2 twice then repeat from the beginning)D/-----------------/A/-----------------/E/-----------------/
That's all I have right now, when I pst the Mp3, tell me how good you think it is.
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