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Misc Unsigned Bands – Four Aces - Heart Of My Heart tab

Heart Of My Heart:Four Aces.
#7 in '53.

C     D7    C      D7 G         D7  G
Heart Of My Heart, I  love that melody,
G     D7    G    Fdim.      C    Dm7   C
Heart Of My Heart....brings back those memories.
A7   Gdim.   A7          D7     Fdim.  D7
When we were kids on the corner of the street,
D       Cdim.     D7
we were rough and ready guys,
     G       Cdim  Dm7   G     Fdim. G7
But, oh, how we    could harm..on....ize.

C     D7    C      D7    G            D7     G7
Heart Of My Heart, meant friends were dearer then.
Fdim.      G7  Bm7  E7
Too bad we had to   part.
  A7     Fdim.      A7
I know a tear would glisten,
   D         D7     
if once more I could listen,
F       Fdim.     G           Fdim. C    F C G7 C
to that gang that sang, Heart Of My Heart.

REPEAT #1 & #2.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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