Misc Unsigned Bands – Mel Carter - Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me tab

Ok my mother loves this song and so for Mothers Day, I am going to play it for.  Not
or anything, wierdo.  But the song actually came to grow on me as I played it because the
of the song just moves through me during the performance. It is really fun to play.  But 
found some small troubles with the other tab so this is what I have done to fix them.

After Playing along with the song...You realize you are playing a half step up on the
tabs, so instead of tuning your guitar down, just play the same chords with a Capo on the
fret. But there is also another small change that needed to be made towards the end of 

C          Am       F             G
Hold me, hold me, never let me go until you've
C        Am
told me, told me,
F              G                  Am
what I want to know and then just hold me, hold me,
Dm               G                C  Am F G
make me tell you I'm in love with you.

C          Am         F                G
Thrill me, thrill me, walk me down the lane where
        C        Am
shadows will be, will be,
F             G                Am
hiding lovers just the same as we'll be, we'll be,
Dm               G                C  F C C7
when you make me tell you, I love you.

     Dm         G                  C       Am
They told me be sensible with your new love,
         Dm              G                      C
Don't be fooled thinking this is the last youll find.
    B7                                Em
But they never stood in the dark with you love,
         D               D7
when you take me in your arms and drive me
G                G7
slowly out of my mind.

C        Am           F                G
Kiss me, kiss me, and when you do I'll know that
         C        Am
you will miss me, miss me.
F          G             Am
If we ever say adieu, so kiss me, kiss me,
Dm               G                C
Make me tell you I'm in love with you.

REPEAT#3. (Right here when you repeat this 3rd part, you play it up a half step if
with the song.  You don't have to play it that way but it does add a special effect, so you
to play barr chords now if you choose to play a step higher...The changes are below.)

C-->C#      Am-->Bbm    F-->F#       G-->G#     C-->C#
Hold me, thrill me...never, never, never let me go.(x3)

There you go...everything should be good from there.  If not...Email me a
      Have fun =)
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