Misc Unsigned Bands - Darren Friel - Beasht tab

the beasht
darren friel

intro/chorus|-10-----------------------------||-8-------------7-7-777----------||-7--strum 4x---7-7-777-6-6-6----||-9-------------7-7-777-7-7-7----||-7-------------5-5-555-7-7-7----||-----------------------5-5-5----|
for the verse (all muted)|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------||-22222222666666664444444422222222-||-22222222777777775555555500000000-||-00000000000000000000000000000000-|
the words are feckin savage but i cant remember them, cheers to cian dawson for the dont forget about tiffany xxx
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